Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter and the Peacock Feather

It has been a while since I posted here, I made the decision to stop taking pics of orders as it was becoming a little repetative and I think studio snippets over the years/months has shown almost every collection and every colour palette that is available. Studio Snippets is all about my clients and the general activity on the "making and packing tables" of the studio, it is a great insight into seeing the collections in greater detail than the main web site can offer....From January I will be back posting here again as there will be new colour palettes and collections introduced for all you 2012/13 Brides.

You can also find me on Facebook too

So if this is your first visit - you may want to make yourself a little cuppa - you may be here a while.

This collection is from the Winter Collection and I introduced the peacock feather for a client this year, this will now be showing on the main web site in The Winter Collection from the end of January, you can receive samples from now. Any enquiries can be made to

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